The smell of sex

Hello you gorgeous people. I’m back unlocked .

What happened. Well so much but very briefly. I left a 21 year marriage. Bought a house moved me and kids 14 and 18 out. Wondered if I could afford to live. But hey it been almost a year and you guessed it. I’m a survivor. Made fab new friends and well life can begin at 42…

A little rusty at the writing. Not sure how to begin. I love the smell of sex. You know the musty smell. Left in a room after a hot sweaty session.  It was a few weeks ago a warm Sunday.  The day began in the best way. My man’s tongue between my legs gently rousing me. He knows exactly how to get me off in many ways. This particular morning he took a gentle sucking and slow tease. My body edging towards orgasm as gently as his tongue lapped at my clit. I came gently it was delicious wave after wave. He then slid his hard cock inside me spooning me. Rocking me into bliss. I never stopped riding my gentle wave it built and became more intense. I love morning sex. Even better when it’s a weekend no rush. We spent the morning repeating this pattern. Had a brief lull for sustanance (food).

I felt wired I said so, horny as anything. Upstairs I’m told. Face down on the bed . New doxy (smaller head , buzzy not rumbly) plugged in ready . He knows where I keep my toys . Preparation like this makes me hornier still. Doxy handed to me massive squeals as he enters me from behind. I’m so wet I bring the doxy to my clit immediately begin to climb a notch . It’s hard to remember to breathe in the state of such glorious fucking. But I try to remember, taking slow breaths in. This regulates the build up. It takes maybe only a minute or so before the explosion threatens to take me. I try to hold it back a bit. Not wanting it too soon too intense. But he’s pounding me hard , knowing my struggle with the doxys power and his hard thrusts. I start to’s power corsing through me.  I can’t stop orgasm after orgasm being extracted by the power of the vibrations, eventually I throw the doxy above my head wanting to focus on his thrusts. Never wanting it to end.

This is not the end the day holds more fun…

Late that evening heading up to bed. I enter my bedroom and the smell hits me. Musky and sweet filling my senses with memories of the day the smell of sex. I face plant myself on the bed breathing it in, falling asleep in a blissful dream of well you guessed.


Rope shibari purple and red so much fun

So rope play is my new favourite thing. Imagine my excitement when I am tied in new ways and well your about to hear.

But first I thought I’d have a go at a dragonfly sleeve after watching the YouTube it looked easy enough. But wow it’s harder than you realise, making me even more in awe of my pal who’s a fast learner and doesn’t need YouTube learns and remembers . See here for the dragonfly sleeve looks simple enough right? Wrong, blindfold on my guy as I’m having to work from the YouTube video. Me giggling when after many attempts I just can’t make that first knot. Much laughter later I have managed something witch resembles the drangonfly sleeve but really isn’t it. It looks cool tho. But it’s a bit tight so I’m now worried about blood circulation etc quite rightly. I decided to inflict some hard flogger spanks making a glorious red bottom quite quickly….. Then the wartenburg wheel a favourite not so easy to use with the rope , don’t want to snag it. So instead less effective but traced the gaps in the rope across his back which was fun. Running it over his red bottom cheeks brought some nice gasps , so I did it again and again . Then I untied with great difficulty marks had been made on his arms it was a bit tight. But all fine and he was very happy and hard.

I’m instructed to stand. New purple rope is brought out. Happy not to be blindfolded as I really enjoy watching the skill, really so much skill involved and not requiring YouTube to help impressive. Starting at my chest then over my back then right between my legs oh my. I’m already weak at the knees the feel of the rope rubbing . Must stand still, must breathe and stay present right now. He makes it seem so easy and that’s the beauty of it. Soon I am a kris cross pattern with a harness round my breasts. It looks epic it feels devine.   Pure coincidence I’m wearing some fantastic new lovehoney stockings that also have kris cross pattern amzeballs. He’s not done yet tho the red rope has been brought out of one of the many boxes and he says arms out. More skill my hands and lower arms are expertly tied. Leaving him with rope to move my arms about. I’m made to put them behind my head. The piece of rope he has is long enough to bring back between my legs allowing him another way to tease me . On your knees I do as I’m told hard cock brought to my mouth I delight in sucking it , he fuckes my mouth but I’m enjoying it way too much and he is also on the edge and there’s no way this can be concluded yet. He brings the rope back through my legs and brings my hands from behind my head to in front of me. I’m trying not to grin because I love this. I love the feel of the rope on my body, I love the skill, the chill, the safe feel I have the power removed no expectations it’s freeing. I’m pushed quite forcefully onto the bed face down. No warning and the crop is being wielded on my bottom light then firm then hard . I want more he knows it. His body half over mine a semi cuddle. I’m under no illusions and know what’s coming next. Hard hand slaps each one more stinging than the last. Lots I lost count I’m floating off at this point. Turned over sometime after as I’ve lost track of time he kisses me ferociously then drops his head between my legs.  I briefly wonder how this will work with the rope there , I need not have thought as he made it just enough to be able to move it slightly out of the way. His tongue skill matches the rope tying, but as you remember I was weak at the knees long ago wet and wanting. It takes a minuite of so the first orgasm hits me quite hard but rippling on after its peak , he is tuned in and immediately inserts 2 fingers and begings an assault on my gspot , fuck I’m coming again and again. I have no idea how long this lasted I think it could have gone on all night because when wave type orgasms begin with me I can just ride that wave peaking and rolling until exhaustion hits!!  At some point he’s kissing me I’m off the planet. Slowly regaining composure eyes regaining focus! He’s grinning at me. Enjoy that I think I manage a nod. He unties my hands before he can do anything I’m on top of him I want all of him now…….



Tits have a mind of their own when bound with rope

This maybe a rushed post but that is because I have to capture the moment.

Red bondage rope expertly tied round my body and tits tickling as the rope is pulled round and tied. Gasps of how amazing it looks. I’d show you if I dared…. Nipples standing to attention no touch required. Take a photo please begging. Arms bound behind my back , the paddle brought into play several hard slaps knees buckling , more slaps then gentle rub of arse before hard hand slaps more gasps. Nipples pinched then sucked with expert skill. My desire for more, tits taking on a life of their own begging to be teased more my brain engaging actively with this. Sheer delight at the visual looking down beautiful skill in tying me up. Brain is talking to tits saying push them out more get him to suck them some more . Knees beginning to buckle as he does just that as if he can hear the conversation between my brain and chest.

Pillows pulled high pushed forwards nipples brushing the fabric. Deep groans. His fingers sweep my inner thighs I might die from desire . Next hard cock finds its place and thrusts hard and fast. Brain still engaged with my tied up chest wanting squeasing wanting more. As if he can read my mind a hand reaches up and round and pinches hard on my left nipple, furious fucking then crashing together on the bed . Grinning from ear to ear , so good.

But that’s not the end. Arms unbound but chest remains so for the duration of the evening. I swear my tits became the focus my brain engaging only with them and their beautiful agony.



False nails

So I only ever got my nails done once the false type . From the minute the guy stuck them on I knew I would hate them. I had them shorter than the nail technician would have done too. The next day I struggled to type at work , to be fair this got better with practice over a few days. Washing up as also a nightmare and chopping vegetables!  However the real downside was masturbation I know I love my Doxy but I also love my own fingers it’s how we all begin plus it’s the quietest option. Well if you like masturbating do not get your nails extended as this makes it impossible to do it with fingers. Toys you will be fine , but there is something about the back to basics type finger induced orgasms that I for one like.  I began to miss it do much I thought I’d tskr those silly nails off. Well you guessed it they would not come off , soaking in nail polish remover stuff they didn’t budge, my mates fell off ages before mine. I had to have them proffessionally removed in the end and my nails Tom about 6 months to recover. Yes they looked amazing but never again. Priorities…

Anyone who has their nails done and still manages please share tips. Love to hear from you.


Bursting Bubbles

Right now I have an internal bubble in need of bursting yet the more I feel it and think about it the less likely that it will burst. Lord this squirting orgasm is proving to be very very frustrating for me right now , not just me my partner too. Seems like the harder you try the harder it is. I knew this already but boy it’s really messing with my head this week.

Another thing the more sex I have the more I want which is great but it’s not always possible with 4 jobs so I become a raging hormonal crazy lady and when I get down time with my partner or alone me time  I put pressure on myself to achieve the ultimate which for me anyway is that squirting orgasm. , which has vanished from my life through lack of time to practice alone I think.  Too much work and never an empty house. Because for me the Doxy is key here and well the Doxy is noisy (boy do I wish it was quieter) we live in a bungalow with 2 teenage kids! Timing is everything.

In persuit of my ultimate I have been googling lots and found this dimples of Venus ladies who have those lower back dimples are apparently more likely to squirt. Hmmmmm need science for back up and am not finding it, also how have I never seen this before?  Lots of good google advice most reminding me to relax and do not try to achieve this being the best advice.  When like me you have spent all week feeling that build up and orgasm after orgasm builds that internal feeling your gspot feels like it’s grown and is heightened yet you still have not reached the end goal it’s frustrating and it’s much harder to not think about this thing, which the advice says don’t think….

To describe this feeling it’s like an internal bubble that is ready to burst. Each orgasm I have the bubble builds , never reaching the bursting part. Do I /we need a new toy I hear great things about glass dildos and the lelo ina wave? Help……





Multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms a start stop start then stop or a constant wave rolling that has to be eventually stopped?

This is a conversation I had this week, more will be revealed later on…(watch this space)

So are multiple orgasms in ladies common? Or not?

I had a conversation with ladies I know (great to open lines of communication around this) but they had not experienced this I had to explain it. I also felt like I was saying to ladies they had to own it themselves and that was hard for them to hear. This made me sad and quite mad . Its 2016 society is still dictating through lack of any sort of sex ed and lack of empowering women. We can all draw a penis but can’t label our own genitals see guardian this has made me do cross today it’s all do wrong get mad people.

I would be very interested in folks views on multiple orgasms what it means to them.

We are all different and I realise to one person on thing is enough to another its not. What shapes this? I was brought up with hippyish parents , no body hangups , playboy mags in house (which I found empowering) massive Rocky horror fan from aged about 14 sex positive stuff. But craps SexEd same as today but with no internet.

Discuss please and watch this space exciting things happening

Before I go Doxy had made my life even more multi orgasmic thank you …

Broken but not in a good way

I have been going to write this for several weeks now. Then things improved and I was struggling to write it but hey things got pretty shit again and I think we are all feeling broken in some way which ever way you voted EU wise the country is divided in a way I have never experienced its scares me. I can’t escape the daily politics online on tv everyone is talking about the mess basically I have conversations with people I do not know everywhere (could this be the fix for the divide?) Talk to people. Respect their opinions and let’s try work this out (I say this but I’m still avoiding my parents who I just can’t speak to yet)  whilst the political idiots continue the pantomime of daily corruption and lies.

Before all this about a month or so back I had left my day work place whilst building work continued to work with a new team same job its for all of summer whilst I am mostly a happy, confident, people person but for once I felt not happy, really missed my team, unsure of new people and unlike me I didn’t even really want to get to know them. It threw me totally and I’m still trying to get my head around it.

It’s at times like this I want to be taken so completely by my partner that I can no longer remember any of the bad things I want to have only pleasure . I want loss of sight, hearing , I don’t want to think at all. Luckily I have a man up to the challenge, and a doxy too. This sort of fucking to oblivion where my orgasms just build and cascade for what seems like an eternity (story for another time is multiple orgasms and age ooohhhh) I needed this so badly by the time I got it I was pretty broken by life. I find it ironic that my type of broken sex fixes me, it energizes me gives me a reason to get up the next day and do better, snap out of that fog and take control back. I often feel like shouting about this to people asking them do you have this type of sex that fixes you up and breaks you all at the same time? But hey we’re British and I find it a not a topic easily approached.  It’s part of the reason I’m trying hard to write anything at all. Let’s break down the barriers how many women would benefit from a discussion around sex I think it can only be helpful even if it just opens up communication. I love the work of the Scarlett Ladies running groups and discussion for women on just this, liberation…about time in 2016.

I’m pleased to report my son his school and us his parents have a handle on the bullying and the last two weeks have been 100% better. Combination of moving tutor group and bullies getting warnings. The work situation is far better after my mood lifted I apologised to some folk who I have never met (who must have thought I was a moody cow) said I felt like a fish out of water and have now settled in made new friends and am enjoying it. I still miss my team but 12th Sept we will reunite forever…

As for Brexit well I have a tiny glimmer that it will be put to a parliamentary vote and the pantomime dames will get it right for once.. don’t get me wrong the EU has much wrong don’t get me started on tampon tax , too much bureaucracy by far and money, but it’s the opportunity and research funding for me free movement and my kids futures.