Premenstural fucking when your body goes do it now……

A week or so ago @FrankiCookney journalist and host of the @Secondcirclepod tweeted this it has inspired me to write about this very thing.

Before my period I’d say 2 days or so before I get to a point where I’m sensitive to the lightest touch I feel ripe like a peach ready to be picked. I am aware of the throbbing sensations in my tummy the descent of blood almost being held until the time is right. I have had times in my life where my body has held that limbo for days. I have needed to orgasm several times in order to move to actually having the period or that is how its felt (I’m sure it would have eventually happened but the agony of my horny body and the way it made me feel required the actions of myself and/or my partner)

Just a few weeks back I was in this very situation day 25 and ridiculously horny, sensitive to the point of knowing the sex was going to be something else. Then there was the disappointment that we no longer had the house to ourselves as planned. I may have cried, hormone overload. However the wait until way later that evening possibly played a part in what was possibly one of the most intense fucks of my life. Normally things play out downstairs over the course of an evening when he stays over. However I suggested going up to bed and once there, naked and so so ripe for the taking it happened.

Writing this now has me already in a frenzy of horn and I may need to get @TabithaErotica invention the @RubyGlow to help me out. This hands free sex toy invented for moments just like this.

So in bed I need literally the tiniest touch to squeal. I’m so wet and want him so much I can barley string words together, he uses the lightest touch to bring me to my first orgasm it’s what I call a fever pitch orgasm feeling high pitched somehow like the sensation is on a musical scale and this is at the top end of the scale. I’m begging now to be fucked, but he just looks at me with those mischievous eyes and moves into a position above me placing his cock in my willing mouth. I suck and lick until he has to pull away because this is not ending here ( I’d like to point out that not all sex is PIV and we often play like this without any penetration) but this was late at night and we were both on the same page. He knew I wanted him, he knew my body was accepting nothing less. Now positioned above me in missionary teasing me and still making me wait just a second or two more, then in one deep thrust he is inside me and oh my days I have no words. I start to orgasm right there on the first thrust and I can’t stop he continues to fuck me long deep thrusts and I am overcome with wave after wave of orgasm, running through my whole body. Unable to control it and just riding it out. This is what I call multiple orgasms for me. It’s unstoppable I try to breathe my way out of it to gain some sense of him. I manage a brief pause and kiss his gorgeous lips. Then I’m back in the spiralling colourful orgasm space in my head and body, blue and purple spirals each image in my head corresponding with the feelings my body is experiencing. I wonder if I may never stop cumming. I have to slow him down, but as I manage to open my eyes and drink him in I see the telltale signs he’s close to his own end so I try to move my body under his and join him in what has to be the biggest explosion I have ever had with a cock inside me. It was a @Doxy scale orgasm. I exploded as he did with a final hard and thuddy orgasm so different to to first high pitched one and to the waves I’d been having this was a serious orgasm it meant only one thing within minutes of this fuck I would be on my period it had done the job and the blood began to flow, its like this had to happen first. I feel this is a very under studied area of science.

Now I have had times in the past where I felt this way had no one to fuck and dealt with it, pre Doxy days with good old masturbation and only fingers so as not to wake people. I have had frustration with not being able to reach that thud required to bring about my period and have had times where I spent the whole next day knowing it was hanging, waiting, Needing this effort as it were to be able to make it’s way on wards. Likewise I have months where this is not an issue and doesn’t happen at all.

Anyone else experience this? Or share your experiences of anything related…


Spoons and a rude awakening

Spooning is a bit of a forgotten position. I sort of forgot about it, yes really I did. But not any more.

Since it’s rediscovery we have been working on the best use of this position and in the last few weeks we enjoyed it’s revival. It works well on a morning as it’s less energy zapping for both partners, lazy fuck central to start with.

As you know I’ve a bit of a morning fuck thing going on. I say a bit, I mean I adore morning fucking. Your body is so relaxed and just takes the pleasures inflicted upon it so well, so god damn well. I honestly think this is the best start to any day.

Holding hands first thing is my favourite. Tapping my clit, tiny taps at first, then slow circles with the instant wetness created. Sucking his rock hard cock, that is ready and waiting for my mouth to slide around it, so I can hear the gasps of pleasure.

I love him behind me his body fully encased against mine. Feeling the need build and hearing but not seeing can be way hot, I suppose it’s a little bit like using a blindfold as a sense is removed.

Wiggling onto his rock hard cock my back to his, sliding into my very wet cunt. That’s what I’m talking about. In fact I may have said that out loud, more than once. I start to convulse with in seconds, his cock hitting all the right internal places. Deep breathing and feeling every movement. I love to focus in on the sensations and just feel. I may be going mad but I get colours in my mind and it’s often quite different colours and patterns swirling and whirring around. It’s like the only time I ever has a Reiki session. For me it just adds to the whole experience.

Urgent thrusts, rocking me close so easily. Slowing right down, gentle caressing strokes and fingers on my nipples. Then it’s like he can read my mind.  Nipples pinched hard and pace building his hand around my chest me pulled hard to him, my hair pulled back. My legs straight and locked by his, pressed tightly together.  Gasping now because this is just what I need/want. Frantic now fast and as hard as is achievable in the spoons position. Loving it, never wanting it to stop. Both reaching orgasms in quick succession, that works so well in a morning.

But take a long bank holiday weekend and it’s the middle of the night , morning fucking takes on a whole new meaning. Awoken from my  blissful slumber by his hand reaching round my body seeking out my flesh and grinding behind me and honestly I’m not sure if it’s real or I’m dreaming at first. But well that hand and particularly his magic fingers becomes more urgent in their search for my flesh. I shuffle my pjs off, my body is instantly on board with this and wants it. I stay in a dreamy but semi awake slumber allowing all the sensations to take me on this rude awakening, one that we have discussed many times so I know that each of us has wanted and most importantly consented to this experience. Its erotic in a way I had not felt before, the middle of the night/morning and no cares in the world, two hot and relaxed bodies grinding together in the dark . Knowing that each one of us is getting off so much on the experience heightens the pleasure and I’m reaching my first orgasm within minutes of being penetrated. But it;s a soft flowing orgasm that allows my body to stay in rhythm and peaks at a lower point than normal ( it’s like my body knows it needs to go back to sleep after and the normal energising orgasms I experience are off the cards). I rise to another peak as my man makes appreciative groans behind me and speeds up the pace a bit, reaching his own orgasm and hugging me tightly to him.  I consider sleeping this way until he falls from my body naturally. But he moves to kiss me and we are apart. Next time… aims.

If you are thinking of trying this out I suggest a full conversation about it. I also think the spoons position works as its a rocking motion and not too much energy is used meaning you can drift back to dreamy zzzzzzz with happy smiles on your faces as we did.

Waking up the next day to no work we managed a whole 3 hour morning fucking session, before hunger got to us. Fingers crossed 🤞 for more of that then. How I wish that could happen every day.

Here’s to more rude awakenings and bank holidays.



Tight jeans frantic fucking

Heres the thing. I’ve never really given too much thought to the clothes I wear over a sexy set of lingerie. That’s because I’m not the one removing those clothes. Most of the time my lover likes to take lots of time and will remove my clothes slowly. I’m usually so caught up in the pleasure of it all I don’t think too much about it.

However recently my new tight jeans have become a slight issue. They don’t remove so easily. There lots of tugging and raised legs even then not always successful. I lie there giggling . Not so funny tho when the shoe is on the other foot.

My man has taken to laying really heavily down when I try to remove his jeans, he finds it endlessly amusing. Me trying to move his legs and tugging the jeans from his waist. It’s an art form, one that I don’t have. I’m rubbish at it. He’s bigger than me so can lift my legs easily. I can’t hold both his legs up to tug his jeans down in the way he does mine. He just thinks is hilarious. I keep wondering what crazy things I can wear that will make removing things harder. It’s becoming a bit of a challenge. Yesterday I wore 2 pairs of tights really tight on my waist. He had to stand me up in the end, to get them from my hips and waist. However he then slowly rolled them down off my legs and feet in such a seductive way. Once again conquering my mission to wear harder to remove clothes. Putting his hand to my crotch he moved my knickers to one side and slowly expertly slid his tongue on to my clit. Working firm and. I tried to savour each movement, so glorious is the pleasure in just seconds I’m on the edge. Trying to keep on top of my rise to orgasm. Not wanting it too fast. But knowing I was so close. I touch his head trying to slow him a bit. But he’s in charge here and he knows exactly how to make me come.

My head is full of colours this time it’s a full rainbow.
Anyone else have orgasms that create colours in your head?

There’s a moment when I can’t hold on any more to the sensations. My orgasm is quite hard hitting and lasts a good while. He looks up at me grinning widely. I can only just about see, it’s blurry. I pull his mouth to mine snogging the living daylights of of this my gorgeous man.

Eroticon virtual meet and greet

NAME and Twitter

Gilly Langley but you can call me Gilly http://Take a look at Gilly Langley 🏳️‍🌈 (@Pinkgilly15):

Tell us 3 things you are most looking forward to at Eroticon 2019

  1. Finally meeting all of the fantastic folk who inspire me.
  2. Making new friends.
  3. Learning new things, so I can make my blog better and who knows maybe write a book.

We are creating a play list of songs for the Friday Night Meet and Greet. Nominate one song that you would like us to add to the play list and tell us why you picked that song.

Erotica by Madonna, she’s my ultimate idol, she spoke out about female sexuality back in the 80’s . I own her Sex book , my poor dad queued up on the day it came out in Leeds city centre, I was 15 and feel lucky my parents are open minded and fab. I honestly think she is why I have always embraced my sexuality, Madonna is part of why I can do that, her message was/is very clear. We need many more high profile women to keep up her work.

What is your favorite item or book you’ve purchased so far this year?

My Bluebella pants they are special. I saw Vex Ashley of Four chambers on her Instagram and just had to have a pair. A real treat for me. Love the way they make me feel.

I’m loving reading Don’t by hold my head down by Lucy-Anne Holmes.

You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it? Sushi? Scotch Tape?

Sunny days I love being outdoors. Preferably on the East Coast paddling in the sea. Oh and lush products because I adore them, particular sparkly ones.

What is your favourite quote from a movie?

“Dont dream it, be it” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

It pretty much sums up how I feel about life.

What is your word suggestion to next years Eroticon anthology?


Complete the sentence:

I feel…

A little crazy quite often. I have this energy that bubbles inside of me. It can cause me great anxiety if I have no plans…I do midnight baking if needs be. I’ve started exercising 3-4 times a week it really helps. I feel full of life.


So I’m getting fit again. In just 2 weeks my core is was way stronger. I’m 4 weeks in now and feeling so much better.

I love Zumba hot sweaty dancing with awesome women. Hip rolls, gets me in the right mood for some fun with my man straight after.

After a quick shower I attempt to fasten myself into the most amazing underwear that he bought me for my birthday. It’s a Basque fastening with loads of hooks and eyes. You can’t fit it on backwards and spin it round because it’s delicate and sort of has lines and holes. I somehow managed to get it fastened top first, then bottom, then the middle. Black stockings and the thong which came with the Basque..then on top my white shirt and short tartan skirt.

A short drive later and I’m at his house pressing my body against his and practically running upstairs in a presumptuous fashion.

I want him all now. I sit astride him clothed the both of us. But I’m flashing my thong, skirt risen high up to my waist. Grinding on his cock. Feeling it grow hard fast. Get on your knees he says, I’m there fast he removes his clothes I go straight to work sucking his cock. Licking his balls rubbing his perineum. I want him so bad. He holds my head against his hardness I want him more.

He lies on the bed I straddle him adding a bit of lube, well because lube is epic. This is where I can see improvement in my core stomach muscles I ride him but can lean back into it and not feel like I need to flop forward so much. He takes his phone and starts to film. So damn hot. I start to come he starts to pump my hips hard, it’s glorious. I look him in the eye and say I’m gonna make you come. He says no not yet. I say we will see. Easing off a bit I rock back and ride gently now. I look at him looking at me and I know I’m going to bring him right to a crashing climax right now. I rise up again he begins to hold my hips, it’s frantic and I never want it to end. But I do want him to come I want to watch his face scrunch up and hear the pleasurable sounds. It doesn’t take long in this frantic phase me wiggling just the way I know he can’t resist. I start to come again I try to hold off because I want to see and feel him. Too late I’m tumbling into orgasm just as he does. I flop on top of him. Kissing his face and lips, waiting till all the pulsing stops and our bodies part. I attach myself to his side we cuddle like teenagers. It’s epic.

Then it happens, he starts messing with my doxy. So I mess with my satisfyer pro. I can’t come with the satisfyer but I get close it’s like sweet agony.

He comes in epic grunting style with my doxy I want him so bad at this point.

I grab the Rocks Off and gently rock it inside me. I take the life changing doxy wand, I lube a tiny bit on my clit. The Rocks Off still in position pulled slightly up to allow doxys head to sit to the top right of my clit. I say this is gonna be fast because I’ve built up with the satisfyer watching him come hard. It’s less than a minute and I’m gushing squirting unexpected in epic style. No towel, you see if we prepare nothing happens. It’s day 19 of my cycle so this ties in with my tracking of squirting using the clue app. Interesting eh? The squirting orgasm is such a release it’s power and pleasure is all consuming. If you think too much about it, it won’t happen. Yet if you don’t open your body and mind to it it also won’t happen. It’s a head fuck for sure.

I also think the legs bums tums class strengthens my pelvic floor we spend a lot of time with our hips in the air. Also feeling the benefits.

More soon xxxx take care much love hopefully this is a bit of light in anyone’s day. Because theres too much gloom around.

Deep throat stuff

Reminder if you know me, and folk do read this who know me that’s fine but please respect my decision to blog and your decision to read/not read this.
Ok so here’s the thing, I really want to be able to take his cock right to the back of my throat and hold it there. I’d like to take it there fast and slow. But my gag reflex will just not allow it. I’ve tried many tips from lying down with my head tipped back head hanging off the edge of the bed so your throat is opened up. Just like when you learn CPR on a first aid dummy. Getting the air in requires the head tipped back, as would taking a cock right to the back, your airway needs opening wide. However I think this position and my high expectations of making it possible was the biggest let down. It was so awkward and weird. The angle looking up on my back whilst laying down and him trying to get the right height hilarious really. I like to give head on my knees to be honest. Or in a 69 position laying on top.

I have practised on the stick on dildo I bought, I hate the plastic in my mouth. Maybe there’s a better toy for practice?

Weirdly occasionally I can take his cock fully erect right to the back of my throat and totally breathe and it’s fine. It doesn’t last ages but I can do it a few times over. Before resuming slightly shallower sucking.

The problem totally occurs the minute I am not in control of this action. So he’s got my head and is taking charge. That’s when I can’t do it. I seem to loose the ability to breathe and can’t even take it as far as normal. Weird right…so who has some tips because I’m gonna master this it’s not like I don’t not get any practice. We practice a lot.

Also there’s no pressure on this from anyone. I just want to be able to do this thing. Like I want to squirt on demand and count myself down to orgasm no touch. Oh the challenges.