Double fuck one cock

So here’s the thing I’ve blogged about morning fucks before. Functional fast ish fucking that gets the job done and leaves us both skipping to work.


This morning omg. Well that’s how the fucking began regular . Hands to cock and clit warm up fast and furious. Cock inside me before too much thought happened glorious entry almost convulsing before any thrusting begins. Slow fucking coming like a crazy person. Top tip make a v with your fingers and put them facing his cock on your clit area allowing them to bounce around in time with the thrusting. In a missionary position. My orgasm triggered his and soon we lay gasping together. I love to grab his buttocks and squease him tight to me. We lay a little while like this. Cock still throbbing inside me. Then no way he rises up and starts to thrust again. I’m so wet with his come and my arousal that it feels even more devine. I look at him as if to say no way..he say I’m not sure but continues to thrust. Encouraging him on. I utter some works of help such as pound me like you mean it. This tips him into full on hard fucking . I’m squealing as quiet as I can and try to squease my pelvic floor around his cock willing him to come again and he does in an explosion of grunts and gasps. I can’t believe it, I say that was a first. His cock didn’t leave me internally. God I’m still thinking about it now. In fact I’ve been distracted all damn day.


Blowjobs , hand jobs, wanking and how much I love all of this as a Sex positive feminist.

Before we begin please can I remind work folk who can’t look me in the eye etc that if you know me great if you want to read my blog great. But remember it’s not been forced on you. I didn’t actually write it for you…or maybe I did depending on many many things..

Overhead a while ago two women discussing how blowjobs were dirty etc.. I was astounded but knew better than to ask anymore they made it pretty clear already what they thought.

I love giving blowjobs I love the look on his face as I take tip of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue over the head, hearing him gasp. I love edging him taking all of his hard beautiful cock to the back of my throat fast and hard then slowing it right down. Licking and alternating strokes and sucks with gentle blowing. Looking up at his face. Knowing his sweet agony, having total control over his pleasure vat that moment. Only I know if I’m going to make him come or keep up the slow stop start then fast pace. It all depends on my mood and his. We are pretty intuitive. I love it even more when a look at his face results in him pushing my head firmly down and him practically begging me for it. In fact I love this the most. His want is my want it feeds my need.

I love how he tastes, how his cock gets harder and more throbbing feeling the pulsing just from my mouth working it’s magic.

Equally I love just wanking him off . Simple strokes up and down . Looking at his face seeing the want. Trying to emulate his wanking technique (you never will) but the fun is in trying to get it to that. So this requires observation watching him, the thought of it already has me wet. I can almost come just watching him wank. I love again the look on his face, his need, his cock growing harder by the second, the small gasps, the more urgency that seems to build the faster hand stokes , precision practiced . Observe but get wet and horny too. You know what he’s thinking about and you want to be able to recreate that wank efficiency.

Sometimes he will see how much want my eyes are giving and literally put me in a position of his choosing and fuck me with an urgency that’s raw and so dam hot. Or he will come hard from his wank and I will gasp along as he does almost tipping myself into climax just from seeing his pleasure. Occasionally I’ll finish his handy work with my mouth. It can be tricky to match the pace he had but I like a challenge. I love to feel him come in my mouth after such a scenario. Love licking my lips and swallowing. I’ll Slowly slide my body level with his after kissing his lips and basking in the joy of this pleasure. The pleasure I want everyone to be able to experience.

I’m a feminist I’m sex positive and I love giving. I love receiving but sex is a two way act. It requires communication and that’s what can make it great. If you can’t talk sex with your partner. Who can you talk about it with? Do reach out to the sex positive blogging community for inspiration. There is so much advice and positivity out there.

I hate how in 2018 women are saying this is a dirty act that somehow the social norms that women ate fed mean we must not like sex actually feed this. What can be done? I hope blogging about this stuff as so many amazing folk do is a step to addressing the issues here. I hope also the new Sex Education to be delivered in schools will offer the next generation a better more healthy rounded view of sex and pleasure.

Sunday funday

God how I love Sundays. A day of true bliss. Loosing myself to the chill time and enjoying so much fun with my man.

It would be three or four fucks in and the kink took hold. Face down paddled hard on my buttocks . Breathing it in quiet and calming, Flogger next lashing my back and bum. Glorious sensation, pain and release. Then came the doxy (new one ) it buzzes rather than rumbles. Placed expertly between my legs. Just touching the place it needs to. Left to build eddging me expertly then stopping on the brink of climax. Because he knows me so well he stopped just as about to tip. My brain engaging breifly with the stop I want to grown but take deep breaths and stay still. Breathing trying to bring myself off the edge. Knowing it would be brought back soon and that taking it back a few steps brings an even better climax.

I don’t have much time to come back to my head which is just as well because I want to not think just feel.

More paddle hits come quickly taking me back to sub space, then hard hitting hand spanks omg in heaven my mind is off. The is Doxy placed back between my legs firmly this time pushed harder against my clit. The spanks are still fulfilling my want. The Doxy is buzzing. I can’t help but explode. My orgasm is wild and hard and glorious the sensation from the spanking throughout I loved the impact being kept up and the mixture of pleasure and pain. I am off to sleep now this will be in my dreams.

Until next time. Be good to each other.

Happy consent and stronger

So it’s a been a weird few weeks.

I blog because I genuinely want folk to be their-selves be in their own sexuality and embrace it, explore it. I was not given good #SexEd at school they still don’t in the UK. It’s baffling because the pleasure in knowing your own body is defining and so empowering. Love yourself. Find out what you like. It’s then so much easier to share this with a significant other. Become #Sexpositive. I’d love to think I can change someone’s outlook help them be able to see this is ok. Repressive attitudes to sex in 2018 are not acceptable. Love the like minded folk I’ve met on Facebook and Twitter thank you all. If you want folk to follow who are sex positive and blog amazing stuff just ask I have many recommendations. Inspired.

Clarification first when I blog it’s with the full consent of anyone referred to as he.

Second please if you know me read away that’s fine it’s an open blog. But don’t share with folk who would not read. If folk want to find this and read it they can it’s here is open etc etc…ta a few clicks. In those clicks the person clicking decides to read on….

Third my relationship with my he (him) has strengthened so much this last two weeks. When it could have gone quite pear shaped. But hey he is the best and he gets me and it and well pretty much we have each others backs .

Last equals my happy his happy. Awesome sex, discoving new things all the time.

Morning debauchery

So here’s the thing. Mornings are pretty dam hectic in my house.

So when my guy stays over I set the alarm just 5-10 minutes earlier. Because there is nothing better than a morning fuck. It’s a given for him he alwats wakes up hard and horny. Because I know this I wake up horny and wet. Well that’s a combination working pretty well I’d say.

It usually starts with franticly pulling pjama bottoms off, no time for long langusing foreplay. Still time for a little bit. Fingers usually find their way to my clit. Their magic working instantly. I try but fail to reach him. He likes to tease me and knows this will frustrate me. I allow myself to just be and feel the pleasure build. I reach again for him and this time am allowed accessbto his rock hard erection. I flip myself around wanting all of his hard cock in my mouth. Soon I’m pumping him hard and fast I can hear his gasps. He pulls me up not wanting me to finish him just yet. I love this, the want on his face, the pleasure I just brought about. He pushes me roughly on my back and slides right the way inside me. Fuck it’s good. I don’t want it to ever end. I want to stay like this with him fucking me forever.

Unfortunately back in the room. It’s morning and we have to be up and out for work soon. So this is where the frantic fucking starts . He likes to prolong it as do I. But morning fun is about getting as much pleasure in as short a time possible. So the speed builds the pleasure erupts I come hard. I know he wants to come but as I mentioned he likes to hold on. A few more long amazing strokes of that hard perfect cock and he’s coming on top of me. I cling to him not wanting him to leave my body wanting this to last. But knowing we have to move our arses….

The smell of sex

Hello you gorgeous people. I’m back unlocked .

What happened. Well so much but very briefly. I left a 21 year marriage. Bought a house moved me and kids 14 and 18 out. Wondered if I could afford to live. But hey it been almost a year and you guessed it. I’m a survivor. Made fab new friends and well life can begin at 42…

A little rusty at the writing. Not sure how to begin. I love the smell of sex. You know the musty smell. Left in a room after a hot sweaty session.  It was a few weeks ago a warm Sunday.  The day began in the best way. My man’s tongue between my legs gently rousing me. He knows exactly how to get me off in many ways. This particular morning he took a gentle sucking and slow tease. My body edging towards orgasm as gently as his tongue lapped at my clit. I came gently it was delicious wave after wave. He then slid his hard cock inside me spooning me. Rocking me into bliss. I never stopped riding my gentle wave it built and became more intense. I love morning sex. Even better when it’s a weekend no rush. We spent the morning repeating this pattern. Had a brief lull for sustanance (food).

I felt wired I said so, horny as anything. Upstairs I’m told. Face down on the bed . New doxy (smaller head , buzzy not rumbly) plugged in ready . He knows where I keep my toys . Preparation like this makes me hornier still. Doxy handed to me massive squeals as he enters me from behind. I’m so wet I bring the doxy to my clit immediately begin to climb a notch . It’s hard to remember to breathe in the state of such glorious fucking. But I try to remember, taking slow breaths in. This regulates the build up. It takes maybe only a minute or so before the explosion threatens to take me. I try to hold it back a bit. Not wanting it too soon too intense. But he’s pounding me hard , knowing my struggle with the doxys power and his hard thrusts. I start to’s power corsing through me.  I can’t stop orgasm after orgasm being extracted by the power of the vibrations, eventually I throw the doxy above my head wanting to focus on his thrusts. Never wanting it to end.

This is not the end the day holds more fun…

Late that evening heading up to bed. I enter my bedroom and the smell hits me. Musky and sweet filling my senses with memories of the day the smell of sex. I face plant myself on the bed breathing it in, falling asleep in a blissful dream of well you guessed.

Rope shibari purple and red so much fun

So rope play is my new favourite thing. Imagine my excitement when I am tied in new ways and well your about to hear.

But first I thought I’d have a go at a dragonfly sleeve after watching the YouTube it looked easy enough. But wow it’s harder than you realise, making me even more in awe of my pal who’s a fast learner and doesn’t need YouTube learns and remembers . See here for the dragonfly sleeve looks simple enough right? Wrong, blindfold on my guy as I’m having to work from the YouTube video. Me giggling when after many attempts I just can’t make that first knot. Much laughter later I have managed something witch resembles the drangonfly sleeve but really isn’t it. It looks cool tho. But it’s a bit tight so I’m now worried about blood circulation etc quite rightly. I decided to inflict some hard flogger spanks making a glorious red bottom quite quickly….. Then the wartenburg wheel a favourite not so easy to use with the rope , don’t want to snag it. So instead less effective but traced the gaps in the rope across his back which was fun. Running it over his red bottom cheeks brought some nice gasps , so I did it again and again . Then I untied with great difficulty marks had been made on his arms it was a bit tight. But all fine and he was very happy and hard.

I’m instructed to stand. New purple rope is brought out. Happy not to be blindfolded as I really enjoy watching the skill, really so much skill involved and not requiring YouTube to help impressive. Starting at my chest then over my back then right between my legs oh my. I’m already weak at the knees the feel of the rope rubbing . Must stand still, must breathe and stay present right now. He makes it seem so easy and that’s the beauty of it. Soon I am a kris cross pattern with a harness round my breasts. It looks epic it feels devine.   Pure coincidence I’m wearing some fantastic new lovehoney stockings that also have kris cross pattern amzeballs. He’s not done yet tho the red rope has been brought out of one of the many boxes and he says arms out. More skill my hands and lower arms are expertly tied. Leaving him with rope to move my arms about. I’m made to put them behind my head. The piece of rope he has is long enough to bring back between my legs allowing him another way to tease me . On your knees I do as I’m told hard cock brought to my mouth I delight in sucking it , he fuckes my mouth but I’m enjoying it way too much and he is also on the edge and there’s no way this can be concluded yet. He brings the rope back through my legs and brings my hands from behind my head to in front of me. I’m trying not to grin because I love this. I love the feel of the rope on my body, I love the skill, the chill, the safe feel I have the power removed no expectations it’s freeing. I’m pushed quite forcefully onto the bed face down. No warning and the crop is being wielded on my bottom light then firm then hard . I want more he knows it. His body half over mine a semi cuddle. I’m under no illusions and know what’s coming next. Hard hand slaps each one more stinging than the last. Lots I lost count I’m floating off at this point. Turned over sometime after as I’ve lost track of time he kisses me ferociously then drops his head between my legs.  I briefly wonder how this will work with the rope there , I need not have thought as he made it just enough to be able to move it slightly out of the way. His tongue skill matches the rope tying, but as you remember I was weak at the knees long ago wet and wanting. It takes a minuite of so the first orgasm hits me quite hard but rippling on after its peak , he is tuned in and immediately inserts 2 fingers and begings an assault on my gspot , fuck I’m coming again and again. I have no idea how long this lasted I think it could have gone on all night because when wave type orgasms begin with me I can just ride that wave peaking and rolling until exhaustion hits!!  At some point he’s kissing me I’m off the planet. Slowly regaining composure eyes regaining focus! He’s grinning at me. Enjoy that I think I manage a nod. He unties my hands before he can do anything I’m on top of him I want all of him now…….