Sex Education in schools

So I’m very cross about the Sex Education bill being dismissed basically by parliment. It had backing by so many. I’m so angry and feel very let down that this now has the door closed for some time.
We are letting down a whole generation of kids in the UK .
A healthy attitude to sex had to be more important than say PE really. Society currently deals with the consequences of not teaching this in schools as compulsory. Teen pregnancy, rape (it’s not going to solve this all but may help) stds to name a few.
By not teaching SexEd in a proactive empowering way we let down a whole generation of digital age kids. These kids got their SexEd from porn(90’s Hollywood porn the free stuff that’s just god awful) The boys think girls want anal and cum on their faces the girls are woundering how the hell they can ever enjoy such a thing and live up to the porn ideals which face it don’t look that fun really. Where is their pleasure? It’s a minefield.
Evidence suggests there is a massive issue doctors are seeing girls as young as 14 with anal tears(seriously my daughter is 16 I’m terrified for her, luckily she has crindged through my talks with her about sex) , teachers are crying out for guidance and compulsory teaching the health authorities are dealing with the crisis and fall out of not having a safe place in schools teaching our young folk what’s normal what’s fiction.
This is The UK in 2016 in Sweden and Denmark this is complsary teaching they have much healthier sexual long term relationships and much lower teenage pregnancy. So it’s a no bainer. Why then has this been thrown out of parliament? Suggestions welcome. My own theory is the Tory government of old boys does not want to empower our generation and is terrified of women feeling empowered. I’m so cross (I said this already tho)
It’s only right our you g people get the correct information on consent, that porn is fiction, that pleasure is a mutual requirement. I want young women to own their own bodies and be empowered hear about their own pleasure and orgasm through clitoral simulation, the boys need to be taught this as much as the girls. Parents are not always going to be the folk to teach their kids they are quite often not even in touch with the digital age. this is even more reason to realise how much this has to happen in schools.
This generation deserve decent SexEd we owe it to them to unravel the mystery of things they have seen online and read. please help me get this back in news in parliament lets make a real change for the better of a whole confused generation.

One thought on “Sex Education in schools

  1. I completely agree with you, it is an utter travesty. One theory offered was that is does not fit in with the governments drive to improve academic attainment, which shows an utter lack of understanding by the ‘old boys’ that you mention that academic achievement is only a very small part of what it takes it to be a functioning happy healthy person.



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