Broken but not in a good way

I have been going to write this for several weeks now. Then things improved and I was struggling to write it but hey things got pretty shit again and I think we are all feeling broken in some way which ever way you voted EU wise the country is divided in a way I have never experienced its scares me. I can’t escape the daily politics online on tv everyone is talking about the mess basically I have conversations with people I do not know everywhere (could this be the fix for the divide?) Talk to people. Respect their opinions and let’s try work this out (I say this but I’m still avoiding my parents who I just can’t speak to yet) whilst the political idiots continue the pantomime of daily corruption and lies.

Before all this about a month or so back I had left my day work place whilst building work continued to work with a new team same job its for all of summer whilst I am mostly a happy, confident, people person but for once I felt not happy, really missed my team, unsure of new people and unlike me I didn’t even really want to get to know them. It threw me totally and I’m still trying to get my head around it.

It’s at times like this I want to be taken so completely by my partner that I can no longer remember any of the bad things I want to have only pleasure . I want loss of sight, hearing , I don’t want to think at all. Luckily I have a man up to the challenge, and a doxy too. This sort of fucking to oblivion where my orgasms just build and cascade for what seems like an eternity (story for another time is multiple orgasms and age ooohhhh) I needed this so badly by the time I got it I was pretty broken by life. I find it ironic that my type of broken sex fixes me, it energizes me gives me a reason to get up the next day and do better, snap out of that fog and take control back. I often feel like shouting about this to people asking them do you have this type of sex that fixes you up and breaks you all at the same time? But hey we’re British and I find it a not a topic easily approached. It’s part of the reason I’m trying hard to write anything at all. Let’s break down the barriers how many women would benefit from a discussion around sex I think it can only be helpful even if it just opens up communication. I love the work of the Scarlett Ladies running groups and discussion for women on just this, liberation…about time in 2016.

I’m pleased to report my son his school and us his parents have a handle on the bullying and the last two weeks have been 100% better. Combination of moving tutor group and bullies getting warnings. The work situation is far better after my mood lifted I apologised to some folk who I have never met (who must have thought I was a moody cow) said I felt like a fish out of water and have now settled in made new friends and am enjoying it. I still miss my team but 12th Sept we will reunite forever…

As for Brexit well I have a tiny glimmer that it will be put to a parliamentary vote and the pantomime dames will get it right for once.. don’t get me wrong the EU has much wrong don’t get me started on tampon tax , too much bureaucracy by far and money, but it’s the opportunity and research funding for me free movement and my kids futures.


2 thoughts on “Broken but not in a good way

  1. ((HUGS)) I said to Molly on another post that I cannot imagine what y’all must be going through after the Brexit vote but considering I get to hear all the junk from our upcoming election, I can imagine. Keep writing, when you can, when it feels right. And definitely keep working toward those kinds of orgasms. 🙂


    • Hi Kayla much appreciated comment. Yes the American presidency is scary and baffling much like this vote how people are not seeing through with social media access etc.Don’t you worry about it I will keep at those orgasms comming xxx

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