Multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms a start stop start then stop or a constant wave rolling that has to be eventually stopped?

This is a conversation I had this week, more will be revealed later on…(watch this space)

So are multiple orgasms in ladies common? Or not?

I had a conversation with ladies I know (great to open lines of communication around this) but they had not experienced this I had to explain it. I also felt like I was saying to ladies they had to own it themselves and that was hard for them to hear. This made me sad and quite mad . Its 2016 society is still dictating through lack of any sort of sex ed and lack of empowering women. We can all draw a penis but can’t label our own genitals see guardian this has made me do cross today it’s all do wrong get mad people.

I would be very interested in folks views on multiple orgasms what it means to them.

We are all different and I realise to one person on thing is enough to another its not. What shapes this? I was brought up with hippyish parents , no body hangups , playboy mags in house (which I found empowering) massive Rocky horror fan from aged about 14 sex positive stuff. But craps SexEd same as today but with no internet.

Discuss please and watch this space exciting things happening

Before I go Doxy had made my life even more multi orgasmic thank you …


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