Bursting Bubbles

Right now I have an internal bubble in need of bursting yet the more I feel it and think about it the less likely that it will burst. Lord this squirting orgasm is proving to be very very frustrating for me right now , not just me my partner too. Seems like the harder you try the harder it is. I knew this already but boy it’s really messing with my head this week.

Another thing the more sex I have the more I want which is great but it’s not always possible with 4 jobs so I become a raging hormonal crazy and when I get down time with my partner or alone me time I put pressure on myself to achieve the ultimate which for me anyway is that squirting orgasm. , which has vanished from my life through lack of time to practice alone I think. Too much work and never an empty house. Because for me the Doxy is key here and well the Doxy is noisy (boy do I wish it was quieter) when you have teenage kids.

In persuit of my ultimate I have been googling lots and found this dimples of Venus ladies who have those lower back dimples are apparently more likely to squirt. Hmmmmm need science for back up and am not finding it, also how have I never seen this before? Lots of good google advice most reminding me to relax and do not try to achieve this being the best advice. When like me you have spent all week feeling that build up and orgasm after orgasm builds that internal feeling your gspot feels like it’s grown and is heightened yet you still have not reached the end goal it’s frustrating and it’s much harder to not think about this thing, which the advice says don’t think….

To describe this feeling it’s like an internal bubble that is ready to burst. Each orgasm I have the bubble builds .

Then unexpectedly one morning a few days of down time the rock chick and my trusty pink original Doxy just enjoying solo fun. When out if nowhere I feel that amazing bubble and before I know it I’m squirting so hard so much. Utter delight and puzzlement ensues. My advice is to remove pressure sats me…to preserve and to never stop learning about your amazing body and it’s capabilities. I imagine it will be some time before I can get to this again it’s definitely not something that happens very often. But when it does it’s so so powerful. It’s colours in your body and head as well as sensation like a rainbow going off.


5 thoughts on “Bursting Bubbles

  1. Hi PinkGilly,

    I can squirt multiple times but I don’t always squirt. Yes, the mood has to be right, but more important is the stimulation. I find that using a glass dildo that stimulate my G-spot and then alternating between my G-spot and my clitoris, eventually helps me to squirt. Once I have squirted, most of the following orgasms are squirting orgasms too. The main thing is not to try too hard, because you will be so focused on it that it will just not happen. Don’t use the Doxy, use your fingers and a glass dildo. Much quieter and more effective 🙂

    Rebel xox


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