False nails

So I only ever got my nails done once the false type . From the minute the guy stuck them on I knew I would hate them. I had them shorter than the nail technician would have done too. The next day I struggled to type at work , to be fair this got better with practice over a few days. Washing up as also a nightmare and chopping vegetables!  However the real downside was masturbation I know I love my Doxy but I also love my own fingers it’s how we all begin plus it’s the quietest option. Well if you like masturbating do not get your nails extended as this makes it impossible to do it with fingers. Toys you will be fine , but there is something about the back to basics type finger induced orgasms that I for one like.  I began to miss it do much I thought I’d tskr those silly nails off. Well you guessed it they would not come off , soaking in nail polish remover stuff they didn’t budge, my mates fell off ages before mine. I had to have them proffessionally removed in the end and my nails Tom about 6 months to recover. Yes they looked amazing but never again. Priorities…

Anyone who has their nails done and still manages please share tips. Love to hear from you.



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