The smell of sex

Hello you gorgeous people. I’m back unlocked .

What happened. Well so much but very briefly. I left a 21 year marriage. Bought a house moved me and kids 14 and 18 out. Wondered if I could afford to live. But hey it been almost a year and you guessed it. I’m a survivor. Made fab new friends and well life can begin at 42…

A little rusty at the writing. Not sure how to begin. I love the smell of sex. You know the musty smell. Left in a room after a hot sweaty session.  It was a few weeks ago a warm Sunday.  The day began in the best way. My man’s tongue between my legs gently rousing me. He knows exactly how to get me off in many ways. This particular morning he took a gentle sucking and slow tease. My body edging towards orgasm as gently as his tongue lapped at my clit. I came gently it was delicious wave after wave. He then slid his hard cock inside me spooning me. Rocking me into bliss. I never stopped riding my gentle wave it built and became more intense. I love morning sex. Even better when it’s a weekend no rush. We spent the morning repeating this pattern. Had a brief lull for sustanance (food).

I felt wired I said so, horny as anything. Upstairs I’m told. Face down on the bed . New doxy (smaller head , buzzy not rumbly) plugged in ready . He knows where I keep my toys . Preparation like this makes me hornier still. Doxy handed to me massive squeals as he enters me from behind. I’m so wet I bring the doxy to my clit immediately begin to climb a notch . It’s hard to remember to breathe in the state of such glorious fucking. But I try to remember, taking slow breaths in. This regulates the build up. It takes maybe only a minute or so before the explosion threatens to take me. I try to hold it back a bit. Not wanting it too soon too intense. But he’s pounding me hard , knowing my struggle with the doxys power and his hard thrusts. I start to’s power corsing through me.  I can’t stop orgasm after orgasm being extracted by the power of the vibrations, eventually I throw the doxy above my head wanting to focus on his thrusts. Never wanting it to end.

This is not the end the day holds more fun…

Late that evening heading up to bed. I enter my bedroom and the smell hits me. Musky and sweet filling my senses with memories of the day the smell of sex. I face plant myself on the bed breathing it in, falling asleep in a blissful dream of well you guessed.


4 thoughts on “The smell of sex

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and loved the way you evoked that wonderful smell of sex. Your writing is not rusty at all – it is well oiled and very good to go!


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