Morning debauchery

So here’s the thing. Mornings are pretty dam hectic in my house.

So when my guy stays over I set the alarm just 5-10 minutes earlier. Because there is nothing better than a morning fuck. It’s a given for him he alwats wakes up hard and horny. Because I know this I wake up horny and wet. Well that’s a combination working pretty well I’d say.

It usually starts with franticly pulling pjama bottoms off, no time for long langusing foreplay. Still time for a little bit. Fingers usually find their way to my clit. Their magic working instantly. I try but fail to reach him. He likes to tease me and knows this will frustrate me. I allow myself to just be and feel the pleasure build. I reach again for him and this time am allowed accessbto his rock hard erection. I flip myself around wanting all of his hard cock in my mouth. Soon I’m pumping him hard and fast I can hear his gasps. He pulls me up not wanting me to finish him just yet. I love this, the want on his face, the pleasure I just brought about. He pushes me roughly on my back and slides right the way inside me. Fuck it’s good. I don’t want it to ever end. I want to stay like this with him fucking me forever.

Unfortunately back in the room. It’s morning and we have to be up and out for work soon. So this is where the frantic fucking starts . He likes to prolong it as do I. But morning fun is about getting as much pleasure in as short a time possible. So the speed builds the pleasure erupts I come hard. I know he wants to come but as I mentioned he likes to hold on. A few more long amazing strokes of that hard perfect cock and he’s coming on top of me. I cling to him not wanting him to leave my body wanting this to last. But knowing we have to move our arses….


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