Happy consent and stronger

So it’s a been a weird few weeks.

I blog because I genuinely want folk to be their-selves be in their own sexuality and embrace it, explore it. I was not given good #SexEd at school they still don’t in the UK. It’s baffling because the pleasure in knowing your own body is defining and so empowering. Love yourself. Find out what you like. It’s then so much easier to share this with a significant other. Become #Sexpositive. I’d love to think I can change someone’s outlook help them be able to see this is ok. Repressive attitudes to sex in 2018 are not acceptable. Love the like minded folk I’ve met on Facebook and Twitter thank you all. If you want folk to follow who are sex positive and blog amazing stuff just ask I have many recommendations. Inspired.

Clarification first when I blog it’s with the full consent of anyone referred to as he.

Second please if you know me read away that’s fine it’s an open blog. But don’t share with folk who would not read. If folk want to find this and read it they can it’s here is open etc etc…ta a few clicks. In those clicks the person clicking decides to read on….

Third my relationship with my he (him) has strengthened so much this last two weeks. When it could have gone quite pear shaped. But hey he is the best and he gets me and it and well pretty much we have each others backs .

Last equals my happy his happy. Awesome sex, discoving new things all the time.


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