Sunday funday

God how I love Sundays. A day of true bliss. Loosing myself to the chill time and enjoying so much fun with my man.

It would be three or four fucks in and the kink took hold. Face down paddled hard on my buttocks . Breathing it in quiet and calming, Flogger next lashing my back and bum. Glorious sensation, pain and release. Then came the doxy (new one ) it buzzes rather than rumbles. Placed expertly between my legs. Just touching the place it needs to. Left to build eddging me expertly then stopping on the brink of climax. Because he knows me so well he stopped just as about to tip. My brain engaging breifly with the stop I want to grown but take deep breaths and stay still. Breathing trying to bring myself off the edge. Knowing it would be brought back soon and that taking it back a few steps brings an even better climax.

I don’t have much time to come back to my head which is just as well because I want to not think just feel.

More paddle hits come quickly taking me back to sub space, then hard hitting hand spanks omg in heaven my mind is off. The is Doxy placed back between my legs firmly this time pushed harder against my clit. The spanks are still fulfilling my want. The Doxy is buzzing. I can’t help but explode. My orgasm is wild and hard and glorious the sensation from the spanking throughout I loved the impact being kept up and the mixture of pleasure and pain. I am off to sleep now this will be in my dreams.

Until next time. Be good to each other.


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