Sex sells,Nut milk and old guys on the Apprentice

This is a bit of a rant but I need to air it.

The world wants women to be sexy porn stars who orgasm on demand. Yet women are told by the world don’t say you like sex, don’t touch yourself. Stop that whore if you express the slightest interest in sex or attempt to be the vision that men are being sold. Confusing right? I have problem with all this. Even more what about just a thought here. Maybe we want to be our sexual selves not the vision men are being sold or the one of cross your legs love. Just the real women as our selves this includes embracing our sexual side obviously.

Off at a bit of a tangent here so do stay with me.

Take the apprentice Wednesday evening interview week. Baffled about who is left the final 2 #girlpower right but an odd 2 business plans I’d say at this point. One of the candidates Camilla has a nut milk product. I can’t help thinking that really so much is to make controversial TV. Still the attitudes clearly and repeatedly expressed by 2 older white men lord sugar and Claude about Camilla’s product and particularly her advertising is shocking to me . They told her many times she had crossed the line here sex visuals etc…a woman’s mouth with the milk dripping in from above. Seriously did they miss the irony?

Women’s bodies been used by advertising companies to sell anything and everything for a very long time. Now is this ok if men are consuming, and creating that advertising? But hey take a blonde British woman, who knows her own mind and that of the modern woman, the one who is living as her true sexual self. See her marketing nut milk with lips on her packaging and she’s crossed a line? Rage.

In my opinion she’s bang on target. Who is the most recent group consuming porn? Oh it’s women , because guess what in 2018 we are taking it back. And yes we can and will do so. So old white guys in suits who say they know about this stuff marketing and he like, think times are changing, the markets are changing. Thanks to more conversation the horror of #metoo is building an empowered generation and we will play with the advertising format and we will sell products. I’d pick that milk straight up. Knowingly smirking at the packet. Chuckling at the irony of the image. Loving that a strong empowered woman made it and knew her target market. There are lots of us out here. Who get it.

On that note and rant I need to go to bed..dreams of nut milk brushing my wet lips.
Oh and if it’s the word nut the men object to grow up..I even saw some ridiculous twitter about nuts not being boobs. I’m scared for the men who are so behind the times that these comments are necessary. When will we get equality that’s all round balanced.
More of this please Camilla. Let’s hope she wins. Let’s hope she doesn’t have to tine down her message. It’s real , it’s funny. Brilliant in fact.

Real men embrace this change want it and will chuckle along at such irony. Thank god for those guys. They do exist I know one, he’s my soul mate , lover and all round great guy.


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