First important info This site contains adult themes. Please only view if you are 18+. If not, I must ask that you close this page now.

I’m Gilly sex positive feminist, hard worker, mother, lover.

I am interested in all things sex related I love feminist porn and porn made for the male gaze too. I love sex toys my favourite and life changing toy was the Doxy wand (buy one) I’m serious.

I’d love for our young people in the UK to be being taught about sex as a positive , that consent is the most important thing and how to safely experience it when ready. Instead #SexEd is so out of date. Its messing up our teens. They think what they see in porn is real.

I oppose the Digital Economy Bill which will regulate porn access. All this will do is push our tech savvy kids to the dark web. It has harmful effects on independent porn producers also making them pay for expensive age verification software. Which you guessed it is being made by The only practical solution is called AgeID and has been made by MindGeek, which owns sites such as YouPorn and Pornhub and thereby controls more than 90 per cent of the online pornography market. Corruption.

I think the government would be way better investing it’s energies into our you get folks education and spending this money training teachers to teach that porn is fantasy and actors play the parts. That’s all they need to know and what healthy sexual relations look like . Denmark gets this right. It has the happiest population and the lowest teen pregnancy rate.

My blog is a massive overshare…stop reading if you don’t like that stuff or you know me and don’t wanna know this.

I blog because I want sex to be positive, talked about, not hidden, not something girls are not supposed to like. It’s 2018 they had better attitudes towards sex in the Victorian times than we do today.

In light of #Metoo I feel much more need to open the conversation. I’m very lucky to have had positive experience. Our males need to understand this speak to friends and join the conversation. Not feel threatened help equality and move this forward.

Women can have more pleasure than guys we energise when we orgasm. We can keep orgasming. Our clitoris’ contain 8,000 nerve endings in the tip alone. That’s double the number of those in a penis. Is this a threat somehow and is it why medical diagrams still miss out our clitoris? No evolutionary purpose they say…oh the threat to manhood. I think there is something to be said in this..what I’m not sure. I’m on a mission to read everything on the subject . Immerse myself in sex stuff to try fathom it’s out.

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